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If you have decided to visit the second largest island of Estonia - Hiiumaa, Ungru Holiday Houses are perfect place to stay. We are located in Northern Hiiumaa, in the imminence of Suursadam - the most famous harbor in Hiiumaa.

Hiiumaa is an island that grows more and more from the sea each year. In the middle of breathtaking nature, you can see with your own eyes how one lane has grown up with Hiiumaa through many years - nowadays it is even possible to travel by car.

With your own eyes, you can see how the gulfs between Hiiumaa  have become into a lake and the other is immediately becoming a lake. Walking along the seafront, you reach the top of the peninsula, where you can admire the sun's colorful friendship with the sea in the evenings, and in the mornings to wake up with the sun. Walking in the park-forest, you will encounter anthills that may be taller than a 10-year-old child, you can see and hear swans and get acquainted with many bird species.

If you are a fisherman, you will definitely find the best place for fishing. While fishing, a local fisherman may even offer some company.

If you are already tired ofa car ride, a good alternation is a bike ride, taking an hour to an hour and a half to get to Kärdla, the capital of Hiiumaa. Detection is closer and farther. Don't forget to take the tennis racket when you come - the artificial turf playground is waiting for you to play. We also have a sandy beach with showering opportunities and a toilet. 

You can end the day with a hot sauna and a refreshing jump to the sea.

Our houses  have all the comforts - with their own terrace and barbecue opportunities. If you love cooking, there is a kitchens in the houses with everything you need, if you don't have the time or the desire to cook, you can enjoy a nice meal in the Ungru Restaurant.

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