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Privacy Policy

Ungru Holiday Houses offers accommodation services. We draw your attention to the fact that while booking an accommodation, your data is required in order to fulfill the requirements established for accommodation and to provide the service. This personal data privacy policy provides an overview of what data, why and what Unrgu Holiday Houses does with the data.


Unrgu Holiday Houses collects the following information about visitors: 

  • personal information: name, date of birth or personal identification code

  • contacts: residential address, phone number, e-mail address

  • visitor card’s information: information required by the Tourism Act: name, date of birth, citizenship, address;  the name, date of birth and citizenship of the spouse or a minor accommodated together with him or her; the period of provision of the accommodation services. The visitor confirms the accuracy of this information with his/her signature. According to the Tourism Act § 24 subsection 6, visitor’s cards shall be preserved in accommodation establishments for two years as of the date they were filled in.

  • booking information: special wishes and/or needs related to accommodation services

  • payment details: credit card number, owner’s name, period of validity

  • information about personal preferences: for example, the category of the holiday home


Ungru Holiday Houses uses visitors' personal data to fulfill the requirements for accommodation and to provide the service. Ungru Holiday Houses does not sell or share personal data with third parties, except with whom they are obliged to share according to law.


When collecting the information necessary for participation in lotteries and other similar events, the contact information will be used in order to contact the customer in the event of a win. The precondition for participating in the prize games is to accept the use of the person's contact information for other purposes, therefore we ask customers to carefully read the conditions of the prize game before participating in the games.

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